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W9865d TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN from T.B. McQuesten.
May 16 1944
To: Whom it May Concern.
From: T.B. McQuesten.

[ONTARIO CREST - shield and animals]

Maxin T. Gray, O.L.S.
General Manager

Hamilton, May 16th, 1944.

Mr. K. Matt Broman,1
Boys School,
Niagara Parks Commission,
Niagara Falls, Ontario.


This will serve to introduce Mr. K.M. Broman of Niagara Falls, Ontario. I have known him for the past fifteen years. He was first employed in the construction of the Rock Garden at the Northwest Entrance to the City of Hamilton. Subsequently, following that I believe he returned to Europe, and in 1935 I communicated with him and urged him to return to Canada. This he did, and under my Chairmanship of the Niagara Parks Commission, in or about October 1935 he became Superintendent of Arboriculture and Horticulture in the employ of the Niagara Parks Commission. Some months later upon the establishment of the Training School for Apprentice Gardeners he was appointed the Principal of that School in addition to his other duties. Up to the present time he has remained in these positions.

I do not hesitate to recommend him as a man of exceptional ability, foresight and energy. The work which he has done in developing the School and completely rehabilitating the parks and other properties of the Commission is of quite exceptional character. He has always had my full confidence and in my opinion he has deserved it. He has shown a competence and interest in the property and work of the Commission which could hardly he exceeded. He is a thoroughly well-trained gardener with a great knowledge of Botany, and wide experience in parks developments and work all over the world. He has travelled widely and profited from what he has seen. I have great pleasure in recommending him as a loyal, conscientious, able and energetic man, and landscape architect.

T.B. McQuesten
Chairman of the Niagara Parks Commission

1 Matt Broman worked very closely with Thomas B. McQuesten on many of his projects in Hamilton and in Niagara. There is a plaque commemorating Matt Broman's work at the RBG near the Thomas B. McQuesten High Level Bridge. There is also a small lookout park named after him on the brow overlooking King's Forest Park in Hamilton. The series of letters beginning with "986" are all part of the Broman collection. This document was originally numbered 986.1.096 but has been renumbered for cataloguing purposes.

For more information on T.B. McQuesten see his biography.

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